Spring boot + Redis + Neo4j + security


This study objective evaluates superficially the spring boot framework integrated with two persistence mechanisms, implementing some common requirements present in a huge number of applications. The contribution aims to share a common architecture to be used as a base to create new projects. The technologies used in this project are: Spring boot 2.0.0.M7 Redis Neo4J … Continue reading Spring boot + Redis + Neo4j + security


Genetic algorithm for optimization applied in game strategies

Introduction Currently artificial intelligence has been applied in online games with the goal of generating a greater similarity with the real world. Artifical intelligences are usually applied in interactions with agents of the game or to create an enemy in order to defeat us. Genetic Algorithms Genetic algorithms belong to a class of techniques inspired … Continue reading Genetic algorithm for optimization applied in game strategies

Data science specialization – Coursera – Word prediction with R

Introduction Data Science is an interdisciplinary field that deal with methods, processes and systems for extracting knowledge contained in structured or unstructured data. The data mining process usually depends of a series of steps, the image below shows the standard path that a data scientist usually take. At each step of the Data Science process, … Continue reading Data science specialization – Coursera – Word prediction with R

Automated Testing in Java and Node JS with Selenium and ExtJS 6.5

Introduction In software testing, an automated test is the use of special software to control the execution of tests and compare current results with expected results. Test automation serves to perform repetitive but necessary tasks in a formalized test process, and / or perform some additional activity that can be difficult to execute by a … Continue reading Automated Testing in Java and Node JS with Selenium and ExtJS 6.5

The Developer Conference – 2014

The Developer Conference - 2014. Participe do evento "The Developer's Conference", o evento conta com diversos temas muito interessantes englobando diversos assuntos sobre as tecnologias mais atuais do mercado, muitos desses temas são mantidos pela comunidade de software livre, isso garante que os assuntos terão muito conteúdo. Confira a programação do evento: TDC2014 Qualquer dúvida: Twitter

Programação Humanoide C++

Estamos iniciando na católica um estudo em programação para robótica inteligente com o controle de robôs humanoides, nossos primeiros testes de códigos estão disponíveis no GitHub. Códigos de controle serial Java com arduíno: https://github.com/schmittjoaopedro/Java/tree/master/Release-Java-Serial Códigos de leitura C++ para Arduíno: https://github.com/schmittjoaopedro/Framework-Read-Serial-Arduino/tree/master/Controler_Serial_Commands Esses códigos seguem padrões de Orientação a Objetos (OO) e oferecem maior usabilidade, extensibilidade … Continue reading Programação Humanoide C++